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June 06, 2017 2 min read 1 Comment

At Mother & Child we pride ourselves in stocking only high quality maternity clothes that fit well and look great too.  We want you to be excited to wear your new clothes every day as whether we like it or not, clothing is part of our identity. And you shouldn’t have to change your identity just because you’re pregnant.

Quality maternity clothes last longer for the money you spend, they’re more comfortable and they make your bump look pretty good while you wear them. Let’s face it, your clothing wardrobe shrinks considerably when you’re pregnant, so only buy items you know you’ll wear all the time.

Spending money on quality maternity clothes might seem pointless as you’re only pregnant for 9 months, right? However poorly made maternity clothes with thin or low quality material don’t fit well and will wear out and look terrible long before your 9 months are up. Remember your new wardrobe is ¼ of the size it used to be and with less options you really do need maternity clothing that will not only last but make you feel and look good too.

Mother & Child believes it’s better to have a maternity wardrobe with few versatile, durable piece’s you love wearing then a wardrobe stuffed with crap.

We recommend you spend money on timeless clothing you’ll always need like a nice skirt or pants, a couple of tops, a comfortable pair of maternity jeans and a versatile maternity dress or two are worth paying for quality. Remember, you’re not spending more, you’re just buying less.

Discover our range of quality maternity and breastfeeding clothes today and we guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the prices too. Shop online or in store today and make your bump beautiful at Mother & Child!

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